Volvo EEC18D Mini digger

The Volvo EEC18D Mini Digger has been designed to make your life easier on-site. The machine has a low centre of gravity, which improves stability and operator comfort during operation. It also offers excellent visibility to the operator thanks to its high position and large windows, while the legs can be folded outwards allowing it to access areas with limited space, which a tractor wouldn’t be able to reach.

With a digging depth of 1.8m and a reach of 2.6m, this mini digger can handle a wide range of tasks. Thanks to its zero tail swing, the Volvo EEC18D is also easy to manoeuvre, and it’s great for tighter spaces. This mini excavator is a powerful and efficient machine that is perfect for smaller construction or excavation projects, and can be towed from behind another vehicle, such as a tractor or truck

There are 2 attachments we can offer along with it:
1. Grab attachment – a great tool for handling large objects. They are perfect for moving large rocks, logs, gardening, debris or other items that are too heavy or bulky for manual labor.

2. Flail head attachment – a great tool for breaking up large clumps of material. This tool is often used to loosen the ground before planting, but is perfect for cutting grass, clearing brush, mulching leaves, and breaking up sod.

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    JCB 1008 Micro digger

    The JCB 1008 micro digger is perfect for jobs that are too small for a full-sized digger, but too big for a handheld tool. With a digging depth of 8 inches and a reach of 10 inches, the 1008 is perfect for small landscaping projects and home repairs. With a width of just 73cm, this little digger can get into places other machines can’t.

    It’s also very manoeuvrable, allowing you to quickly and easily get the job done. With has an operating weight of 13.5 tonnes, it can be used to move soil or do the groundwork for other machinery, to create foundations, drainage, and septic tanks. It is easy to operate and can be towed behind a car.

    5.5 ton Kobelco 55sx Mini digger

    The latest addition to our fleet is the 5.5 ton Kobelco 55sx mini digger, perfect for small to medium-sized construction jobs. With a lifting capacity of 5 tons and a reach of up to 5 meters, this mini digger can handle a variety of tasks, including digging, grading, demolition, and landscaping.

    The Kobelco 55sx is also equipped with a variety of features that make it versatile and efficient, including an extendable arm, a quick-hitch system, and a variety of digging and demolition attachments. It can fill a lorry because it has a longer reach, whereas with a smaller digger you need a separate attachment.

    Its zero tail swing allows it to work in confined spaces, and its powerful engine makes it perfect for tough jobs. It also has a rotating cab that gives the operator a clear view of the work area. With considerable reach, greater dig depth, and faster machine, you can move more tonnage per day.